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New York Native who plays a New York Detective on the hit CSI NY -Det. Don Flack-. He also plays 1980 USA Olympic Hockey Goalie Jim Craig in Disneys Miracle. He has appeard in guest spots on TV in shows such as friends and sex and the city. He is also known for his VERY gorgeous blue eyes
Wait, thats Eddie Cahill? Damn, you could just sink into those beautiful blue eys!
by x_faneffintastic08 February 19, 2010
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Eddie cahill is an actor most well known for his role as detective Don. Flack in the american television series CSI: New York, although he was in other television shows such as friends, dawson's creek and Sex & the city.
Eddie cahill was born in New York City on January 15, 1978
by xJessica December 11, 2006
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this really hot goalie in the movie miracle!! ooooo :-P you just sink into his blue eyes!!!!
eddie cahill plays the goalie(main characger) in the movie miracle.
by anonomous! December 09, 2004
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