Eda is a beauty girl who is quiet but don't let that underestimate her because she is actually loud when around her friends. She can be easily irritated but she always makes up for it in the end. Never loose your grip from an eda. She imapacts lives of people she's been around. She is intelligent but doesn't like to show it.
I worst thing i did in life is let away Eda move away because now i am lost
by getaname101 May 29, 2017
An intelligent, friendly, caring, beautiful girl. She is always helpful and counts others as more important than herself. She is unique and is often quite philosophical. She thinks of things that would never come to anyone else's mind. She is often quite self conscious and overthinks things too much. She is often self conscious about the pronunciation of her name because a lot of people pronounce it wrong (e.g. Ida/E-da) She knows that she is different in a good way, but often hides it and tries to fit in with others. She only shows her true self if you are her closest friend. She is an amazing person that always stands up for her friends. At times she can be quite angry and easily annoyed, but she is a crazy, hilarious person. She may seem shy from far away, but once you get to know her, she's the most crazy, cheeky, outgoing person you have ever met. Don't ever let an Eda slip through your fingers because she will change your life forever for the better.
Eda is amazing, i don't know where i'd be without her.
by ellalayla July 3, 2013
1. a beautiful, hot smoking sex bomb

2. a girl that every boy falls madly in love with

3. someone funny, sweet, irresistible, and smart
-did you just SEE that girl?

-oh hell to the yes, she's an Eda for sure.
by sayhellotomisterrfox May 2, 2010
:"Hey, do you watch the owl house?"
:"Yes and i adore it! Eda is my favourite character she's so hot"
by Korra is my god March 18, 2021
Person crazy enough to fake a pregnancy for a week just for the lolz.
She waited a whole week to tell me she was pregnant! She is such an Eda.
by Dml95 August 22, 2017
Acronym meaning Electronic Display of Affection. Usually involves ditsy girls bragging on their FB status about how "wonderful" their boyfriend is or couples sending facebook gifts between each other.
Bro checking status updates in class on Valentine's Day: Dude Facebook sucks today, it's all a bunch of lame EDA's
by Tatstastic October 29, 2010
A person of middle eastern decent, also known as a coprit or edute.
Mahfuz is such and eda, edute, coprit.
by bigboi14 November 20, 2018