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The biggest f*cking douchebag in utica history. One who likes to take steroids and gets off emailing and web camming his ex-girlfriend.One who after a long day of classes being shot down by both women and men, likes to touch his small penis and rub his tiny over-roided balls.
Jesus Anthony! Calm the fuck down, you are acting like an EdDeCarlo!
by Andrea March 01, 2005
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a person who is always unhappy with himself and more unhappy with his small penis. One who likes to take it hard up the ass as he stares at other men who are more muscled than himself. The kind of person that likes to go to the "bathroom" and "shower" with his boys every time someone goes in. A sick fuck head who is insecure with himself and has no confidence to go up and talk to anyone else besides his ex-girlfriend.
Kris: Come on Yoobin lets do this right!
Yoobin: Im sorry masta, Yes masta.
Kris: That’s right bitch, now take it like an EdDeCarlo!
by SmallTony March 04, 2005
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