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This can be used as either a noun or an adjective.

Simply put, a cruel dictator. A despot. Someone who oppresses others, especially around where people eat. Additionally, this can also be used to refer to someone who catches flying insects with plastic bags, or refers to the defition of 'baog' as 'baog'.

The etymology of this word comes from a blend of the words 'Eveline' and 'Cua'.. she set the example from which the definition was derived. The first documented case of an Ecua-ism was roughly around November 2005, when she forced a fellow co-worker to eat on the floor because she claimed the whole damn lunch table for herself. Since then, she has asserted herself as the 'Cruel and Evil Dictator of Tektite Towers'.

to further clarify, the noun Ecua is used to refer to someone as possessing the qualities of an Ecua, and the adjective Ecua is merely a synonym of something oppressive, odd, or just plain 'baog'.

The defition for Ecua or an Ecua-ism is a tad open-ended, because the proponent keeps adding more and more odd things to her repertoire. To be on the safe side, being called an Ecua or having something you did described as Ecua could mean either oppressive or just plain weird.
n. Holy shit, did that bitch just pull an Ecua on you? You're eating on the floor again!

adj. Jesus Christ man, did you just call me a Boinkazoid? What kind of lame shit was that, it was such an Ecua thing to do.
by ScrotumNose March 14, 2005
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