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place. Refreshing Canadian village untouched by time, grime or crime.

Situated on a gravelly glacial morraine just out of sight of the majestic Rocky mountains and very close to the rich fertile earth of Benalto Eckville's lack of oil deposits have kept it from the neo-industrialisation that has despoiled much of Alberta. Eckvillians, untouched by the trappings of ostentatious wealth displayed by their consanguinous neighbours in Benalto, revel in their Amish-like attachment to aging wooden vehicles and small poultry holdings. Nestled in their wooded canyon, well-served by an ice-highway in winter and government motor-sled service in summer, Eckville has become a haven for performance artists, accordian troupes and genetically modified geese enthusiasts.

A very camp "Bavarian Lawn Ornament Festival" featuring displays of Austrian Gnomes and Miniature Jockeys is held at the Putsch Hall in even-numbered years and usually attracts a good number of older germanic gentlemen holding boldly decorated beer steins and youg busty-blausen co-eds with shaved heads.

Clubs devoted to hunting elk, pond hockey, rock sorting, gravel amassing and duck breeding help to keep the populace amused through the long winters.

The long-planned Holocaust Memorial is on hold, since the needed permits have been denied, but a new windshield chip repair shop will open in the fall of 2012 to provide some needed jobs and bring some outsiders off the road.

I'm nearly out of gas Sophie. Why don't we drive a few miles off the beaten path and get some gas and a few bags of gravel in Eckville?

Good choice Saul! If we're lucky the Rock Festival is this weekend.
by gnostic1 July 08, 2011
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