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Eb0nic/Ebonic is a Internet/Virtual Legend. He was best known for his great unique hacking skillset. He hacked into's Database and released various of information to Voinrt. Ebonic went by many names: Dane, Tyler, Ty, Hex, and Max. He is believed to be retired, and living in Southern California. After he joined the military he went missing in action, came back a year later and was one of the richest habbos in 2009, then he sold all his stuff for around $10,000 USD to a anonymous user. He was known for having all the white pillows in the economy of Habbo after getting away with hacking a staff member. There are sources that he was a staff, and used proxies to login his staff account. Eb0nic was also known for getting the richest in habbo "Attires/lnspired" banned, which is known to believe that he had some sort of inside connection with staff members.
Don't give any information to Eb0nic, he'll end up screwing you over.
by Trovz August 05, 2013
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