A term which i thought meant eating in a restaurant or fast food place but then later found i was wrong....so fucking wrong... Just read the rest of the definitions
We're eating out this saturday, wanna join?
by Mary's Lost Lamb December 14, 2020
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Trust me, guys, you will get way more head if you do this, and she'll be happier to give it. Eating out is where a guy or girl performs oral sex on a girl. This is by far the easiest way to make her orgasm. First, make her comfortable by lowering the lights, and make sure she's turned on before you go down on her. gradually progress in your foreplay, removing her clothes for her. have her lay back and close her eyes. kiss her softly on the neck and breasts, slowly working your way down. use you finger tips to lightly stroke her stomach and legs and tease her. when she's moaning for you to take her, start kissing the insides of her thighs, and lightly stroke her clit, slowly, and not enough to make her cum. then, just when she can't take anymore, kiss her between her thighs in the same way you would kiss her lips. use your tongue to flick at her clit, licking it rapidly. put your tongue inside her, and move it around erratically, surprising her. you can use your lips and occasionally your teeth (very lightly) to pleasure her, and remember that the clit is the most important part. the louder she gets, the better.
by waternymph7 March 15, 2011
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Eating out, besides 'eating out' at a restaurant, is what you do to a girl's pussy. I use my tongue, my lips, my fingers, and sometimes my teeth (carefully!) on my girlfriend's pussy. I love to eat her out before sex or just for fun when I crave it. There is so much more you can do with a girl than you can orally with a guy. Although I love to receive when she wants to give too.

I love to watch my girlfriend while I eat her out. Her expressions and moans are so hot. She is sometimes tangy, sometimes sweet, and sometimes tasteless. Exploring her with my tongue and feeling the texture of her pussy's lips or her clit harden is a lot of fun.

If I can't satisfy my girlfriend, I can't feel like a man. What guy doesn't want to make his girl squirm with pleasure? Keep in mind that eating out isn't just about her clit. In fact, you should avoid her clit until later and make sure she is juicy enough first. Try licking/sucking her clit while pressing up on her gspot too, after she is really into it. She will go crazy!
Sex just isn't sex until she squirts into my mouth when I eat her out.

Okay. Have fun eating out Jennie. I mean, eating out with Jennie.
by Chris(t) July 29, 2008
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An Episode of Angry Birds Toons Season 2
This Angry Birds Toons Episode is Called “Eating Out”
by MayDayMeh June 1, 2018
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Eating Out, when used sexually, can mean when you "eat" a girls vagina, doing so will grant you the power to make the female do whatever you want. The best feeling for her in the world.
Guy - "Eating Out is the best!!"
Girl - "Ya wanna try sometime?"
Guy - ";)"
by BigCockCaleb September 5, 2018
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My technique(i am a female and have used this on many females and it always gets them to orgasm)
start kissing her softly then turn it into a make out session but again move slowly, you are trying to build her up and get her wet. take off her shirt and lay her down. now start kissing her neck and remove her bra as you do this. suck on her nipples a little then move down towards her belly.
continue kissing. remove what ever she is wearing as bottoms and then her underwear(SLOWLY be sexy get her to want it BAD!)spread her legs and start kissing the inside of her thighs now kiss the top of her pussy(not in it just yet) now lick her clit, as you do this lick the inside of her vagina and her clit and around it do this for a while hell ask her what she likes. insert one finger into the vagina while you lick her clit(she should moan a little)(if she is a virgin she might make a noise like she's in pain so ask her if she likes it) contrary to popular belief NOT ALL FEMALES WANT YOU TO SHOVE ALL YOUR FINGERS IN THERE!!!!!!! some dont even like it when you put two in there especially if she is a virgin you DO NOT want her to feel pain, just pleasure so make sure you know her limits(if she is a virgin she will be tight so it would hurt alot if you stick more than one finger in) when she starts to tremble lick her clit with a flat hard tongue she should tremble or like spasm, continue this, keep it going she will love you for it!
SUzy : omg Jacky ate me out last night and i was screaming her name because of the pleasure she made me feel.
Lacy: damn she can "Eat out" my pussy anytime
by ThePussyMonsterGirl April 1, 2010
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