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Get it at any cost;

Take what you want;

Never give back anything;
Never regret shit;
Take what you dont need;
Make every end meet;

Say homeboy im hungry, well eat Greedy my nigga!!!
by TiME is MoNEy August 30, 2010
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One of the tenets that Von Miller (OLB for the Denver Broncos, former Texas A&M Aggie star) abides by while playing as an unstoppable force for the Denver Broncos. It also refers to one of his many celebratory sack dances within his arsenal of I-told-you-so-son-now-stay-down. The dance itself can be described as being a pantomime of sorts in which one uses both hands to stuff one's face.

When asked for further clarification of his dance, Miller replied, "On the field, that’s how we feel. Whenever we get a chance, we’re going to take it all. We eat with both hands, elbows on the table, big steaks, lobster bisque..."
Queue the following situation: Von Miller sacks (enter QB's name here), already has five TFL's under his belt this game alone, and its only the first quarter.

Me (in front of my POS TV): "Yeaaaaah buddy. Eat greedy, Von. Big steaks."
by Purple Summers Orange Winters November 21, 2012
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