When Dom sucks on your pussy lips so good your body becomes weak and flexible and helpless where he will then suck the soul out of you just to spit it back on your wet lips so he can continue to lick out
Dom you wouldn't even know what to do with it

Girl I will eat your soul and spit it in your mouth
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Put the soul in the soul in the bag or i will eat your soul

when ur grandma trys to give u a kiss she secretly snips off ur penis then u say u ate my soul grandma then she gets a hotdog bun and chillie and makes a coney dog outta ur dick then she stuffs the hole thing in one bite viousiosly and turns to a jew and kils saintan wif one blow to his hairy pussy and gets eattin out by a very very old dog
by JoeCalcs February 13, 2009
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Often a comeback in an argument involving escalating threats.
I'll eat your cookie if you leave it here.
Oh yeah? Well, I'll eat you FACE!
I'll eat your SOUL!!!

by Vadermort September 5, 2010
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