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“Easy Green” refers to something that eco-friendly without being difficult to dispose of or recycle. Specifically items that are biodegradable or recyclable in your standard curbside recycle program. Toss these items in the standard trash or recycle bin and feel good about it.

There are a lot of products that claim to be Eco-Friendly or GREEN but require you to deliver the waist to a special recycle center. This is very inconvenient and most people just end up putting the item in the trash.

Items like Tyvek or PVC which need to be taken to special recycle centers would not be considered Easy Green.

Phrase was first used by Neil Johnston in a Media Inc. article (2009) about printing signs with Eco Friendly materials.
These new Easy Green plastics are strong and flexable yet friendly to the earth.
by wideformatco December 19, 2009
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