a rough neighbourhood composed of mostly ethnic people. known for its bashings and robbings at the BKK. the ELB (eastlakes boys) defend and rep 2018 and its streets. Eastlakes is also know for its streetfights.
by 4234234 November 26, 2009
one of sydneys roughest areas: plauged with alot of gang activity/crime, housing commision, drugs,shootings and shoes hanging off wires, its the picture perfect stereotype of a ghetto. Eastlakes is synomonous with undercover and uniform police as they are always patrolling the suburb

Eastlakes has a high ethnic population and you never know what will go down or when it will happen, its the wild west in there. Eastlakes also smells like shit and is a very dirty area with trash littering the streets
"hey man lets cut through eastlakes"

"nah bro i'd rather keep all my money and my shoes"
by alias212 November 12, 2012
One of Australia finest and roughest ghetto's eastlakes has many good times espiecially the theft's at the BKK.
by SweetSensation August 25, 2011
ohh look were in eastlake
by poontang March 22, 2004
A place in Ohio that's full of Croatian people.
Croatian girls are hot, and Eastlake is full of them.
by KidFromBoston May 23, 2005
a city were ther r a lot of Croatian people!
Look at those hot cro girlz
by Croat Child May 2, 2004
Nasty, rich suberb in central Florida. Money rules all there.
The wives of eastlake are disguisted by prenups and pampered with Escalades and clothing.
by Brandon T. May 12, 2005