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One of the most corrupt, unhealthy, God-forsaken, stigmatized, and isolated places in the USA. 99% white and extreme poverty in 20 counties. You see nothing but trailer homes for hours until you get to pikeville where coal has been confused with Jesus. The poorest people in America have been bought and sold with dirty money and blind faith. PS if you're not white be prepared to be stared at and potentially followed.
-"I'm going to eastern Kentucky this weekend to visit the medical school in pikeville."
-"That is some corrupt shit out there. Plus I thought you scored better than a 21 on your mcat, you know, because you took it when you were awake."
-"You're right, but I wanted to see what the region was really like with my own eyes since I'm a Kentucky native."
-"That's respectable, man. But be careful out there on the winding roads where people will flip you off for driving under 70 miles an hour around a pitch black curve at night. And don't take any wooden nickles!"
by BerryTellsTheTruth April 12, 2015
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