1. An unfortunate pun made by the Anchorage People Mover, a local transit authority for the largest city in Alaska, on Easter weekend 2022 to promote use of their bus service. In a post made to facebook, Anchorage People Mover suggested the Easter Bussy (a bus adorned with bunny ears pictured in the post) be a new mascot for the spring holiday.

2. A bussy, or boy pussy, enjoyed during Easter. One does not simply tap the Easter Bussy on Easter, but does so because it is Easter. An Easter Bussy is a festive bussy.

3. A portmanteau of Easter Bunny and pussy; the orifice with which one has sex with the Easter Bunny.
1. Move over Easter Bunny, there's a new mascot in town! Say hello to the Easter Bussy, and they're not hiding anything! The Easter Bussy is offering up affordable, reliable and convenient service for all to see, so go ahead and DO put all your eggs in one basket when it comes to using People Mover.

2. I celebrated Easter this year by busting a nut inside this twink's Easter Bussy in the International House of Pancakes bathroom.

3. I'm not a furry, but there's just something about the Easter Bunny's Easter Bussy that makes me want to cum.
by Pony Danza April 20, 2022
Drunk Person Slurred Trying to say Easter Bunny
" Err Gargle , Hey Did vu C the Easter Bussy Around here Bro ?"
by Lyle Kellis April 24, 2022