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EarthCore is derived from the general hardcore or metalcore. It also takes influence from trees, dirt, rocks, lava, and water. Its most popular influence is air! Although usually the band members are earth benders. While sometimes the members could be air benders water bender too. Fire benders are not allowed! The most common instruments used in earth core are: breakdowns, triangle, legos, and an acordian. Some well known EarthCore bands are: From Trees We Rise, Earth Wind and Fire, Kansas, Escape The Earth, The Earth Wears Sandals, Plate Techtonics!, I Grew The Earth King, Parkway Plants, Nanogers, Nano Robot performing surgery on a blood vessel, Elton Earth, As I Grow Plants, Defend Defend!, May Brings Flowers, Beneath The Sky, Bring Me The Ocean, Darkest Tree, A Plant to Remember, Enter Water, The Fall of Weeds, and this is just a start of the big bands out there.
Eric: Have you heard the new The Earth Wears Sandals album?
Aang: Hellz yea BRAH! its so EarthCore!
Eric: I know it makes me wanna plant some trees! EARTHxCORE!
by Joe Hom May 06, 2009
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It's when an entertainment entity reaches a level of popularity that is popular for the underground, but not popular enough for mainstream.
(Insert Band Here) is earthcore, they should be on MTV soon.
by Fred Riahi January 20, 2006
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