People who think this seen to lack many organs and they sometimes even believe in other many unreasonable things.They usually are not very funny and are goofy.
I do not like people who think The Earth Is Flat
by The_Corr3ct_One May 24, 2022
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No its not
Timmy: The earth is flat
Jimmy: Its a sphere u smartass
by tecopux November 9, 2021
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We KNOW the answer. No, the earth is not flat, it’s round like a ball, and anyone who asks that question is retarded as fuck.
Aaron: hey Matt, is the earth flat?
Matt: bruh
Aaron: ok, I’ll ask someone else.
Aaron: hey David, is the earth flat?
David: shut the fuck up!
Aaron: it’s either yes or no
Aaron: Mason, my man, is the earth flat?
Mason: no
Aaron: man they’re horrible liars
by Kidswillbekids October 29, 2019
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