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Shithole, Farming town filled with Nortenos who, believe it or not, live on unemployment. Many of whom are in and out of prison claiming Allegience to their town and attend the local swapmeet every friday religiously; where they pick up heina's

ya you know where they have the remate!
by Estesbean October 05, 2008
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Population - Few(that are legal)
Mexicans,Philipino's, 4 black people

Earlimart: a dirty ass beaner ass town that half of its population is illegal immigrants...a town that you cant go one day without hearing some beaner ass music and gun shots. Town with the most homeless dogs.
"Hola, mi nombre es Juan, Yo vivo en Earlimart" Viva Ceaser chavez and shit!!!
by $TUPiD October 20, 2007
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Earlimart, aka Earlaz :: A town that can be found in Central Valley . Also it is in Tulare County, where you would find CVN or TCN (tula county nortenos) Everyone is a Norteno or Nortena .
aye let's go to Earlimart !!!! xiv
by a.j.y.14 June 22, 2018
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