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EXFIL (also exfiltration or Extraction), in tactical combat and special operations use, is the process of removing constituents from a targeted site when it is considered imperative that they be immediately relocated out of a hostile environment and taken to a secured area under friendly control. Extraction may imply rescuing entities from grave danger or immediate conditions that they are incapable of surviving. Both extraction and rescue may be for unsuspecting and/or unwilling persons and involving rapid deployment, dynamic defense of the moving tactical envelope and high-speed extrication by a special force protection team. Extraction is also referred to as "dust-off in xx (minutes)". The LZ is the landing zone for a helicopter or airplane, usually marked by coordinates, smoke grenades with a color recognizable in that area, or flares.

Short for exfiltrate, also known as leaving a given area.
by TacticalCombatSpecialOperation December 29, 2011
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