E.M.P. ee-em-pee noun:

1. An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is a short burst of electromagnetic energy, which has the capacity to shutdown or completely destroy electronic equipment.

2. The completely incapacitating effect particular sexually attractive people or scenes have on a person's brain, leading to immediate and acute haziness, confusion, fumbling of words and concepts, the sensation of heat, and loss of leg strength. Adolescent males are generally severely susceptible to this phenomenon with any females they find attractive, while females and adult males suffer the emp effect more discriminately, according to their particular physical preferences, tastes, and kinks.

3. A person or scene who evokes #2 above.
1. That emp fried our navigation systems, captain!
2. Bill: "Why didn't you say anything to her." Perry *loosening his tie*: "That girl... so hot... emp..."
3. Horace, though. That guy is such an emp. I can't even think around him.
by HoraceShmorace December 03, 2015
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A slang term for mp3, or a verb that means to download mp3s.
You got Tha Carter IV? Send me those emps!

I've been emping all day, and my ratio on Waffles.fm still sucks!
by owenb August 15, 2008
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Epic Motherfucking Phail.

A fail so epic that not only did the spelling of the word 'fail' change, just for that moment but it also fucked several mothers.
He fucking walked into a doorknob...EMP.
by Fenikkusu24 June 13, 2010
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Extreme emo; one letter beyond emo (em+p)
"I enjoy fallin asleep to Les Mis. Call me emp but I loves it, I do."
by Cazimi January 08, 2010
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