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A school in the middle of fields in Lebanon County PA. You can often find yourself late to school due to a farm tractor taking up the whole road. At times the hallways smell like cow shit and you find your clothes saturated with the smell as well.
Exhibit A: Drive your tractor to school day at ELCO HS

person a: Dude...what's on your pants?
person b: Oh, I just stepped in some cow shit in the parking lot.
by sssssshhhhhhh1518 October 28, 2011
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full of all the the most annoying bitches you'll ever meet
probably one of the biggest groups of tryhards all coming together to make you want to move away from there. located in the desolate, cow ridden farms of myerstown, pa, there's not a single thing that is good to eat besides the shitty corn that the amish grow there. the elco thots are probably the most prominent even though they deadass live on a farm, and they still think they are cool
all those elco kids are stinking the place up
damn, these elco kids are so tiny! what is in their milk?
why are all these white boy elco kids vaping? isn't that bad for the farm?
by wolfer69 June 12, 2018
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elco means el camino real. the el camino real is a historic route. the school is a complete dump!
the historic el camino real runs along california.

- thats elco
by thecure124dd April 22, 2006
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