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Having your parents call during sex
Girl: O Man, hold on, my phone is ringing. O shit it's my parents!
Guy: E.T. Phone Home!
Girl: O well, let's keep fucking
by Coffeeeeeeee December 03, 2006
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Emergency Tampon - Phone Home! E.T Phone Home occurs when one is out on the town, skeezing it up in a bar, shopping for kicks and rags, or any other activity away from your mad stock of tampons at home. When one E.T Phone Home's they are calling home to ask a family member, pimp, or fellow drug dealer to hook you up with some tampons asap.
"Shit I need to E.T Phone Home!"
"Fuck I forgot it was that time of the month, can I use your phone to E.T Phone Home?"
by Sickoooooooooooooooooooooooooo November 19, 2009
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The act of calling a mate on your mobile phone, then sticking it up a girls cunt and seeing if you can continue the conversation
Guy 1: I called Josh the other day, but unfortunately lost reception when i tried the E.T phone home manouver

Guy 2: Fuckin fat bitches...
by pipeline69 May 04, 2011
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When you wrap an l.e.d. light strip around your dick and shove it into a girls vagina and yell out E.T. phone home
Dude I totally "E.T. phone home" last night with Veronica.
by Udegen May 03, 2018
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