to nag others via email
When Tara is away on business she e-nags us to take out the garbage.
by kenneth r February 12, 2008
The act of sending short, usually single line, e-mails to people to get them to react to some issue. Particularly common today with hand held devices and continuous time connectivity. Used by many to exert power over others and to reduce productivity. The victims usually are forced to respond with an e-mail 4 to 5 times longer in order to clarify the issue to prevent further e-nagging. Also know as e-nudzhing (Yiddish).
Sorry I'm late, but my boss was e-nagging me, so I had spend the next hour writing an e-mail explaining how Excel worked.
by John Whiskeyjack April 15, 2010
Persistently bothering others with trivial complaints via email. Sent to make the sender feel wise and useful, but in reality making the receiver simply roll their eyes.
A Jewish mother (aka Yenta) forwards an email to their child that she knows they have already received. This E-nagging makes her believe she is smart and useful, but in reality only makes the child feel like a dumbass.
by Kyle the Jewish Son March 1, 2011
The practice of sending annoying follow-up e-mails without giving the recipient adequate time to respond to your original request.
E-nagers lack good e-tiquette! They constantly bombard your in box with follow-up requests for information that they just requested minutes ago. If you need info. ASAP, pick up the phone!!!!
by Cremy July 18, 2006