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To 'cheat' on someone you are holding an online conversation with by having other computer related distractions be prioritized over them. Distractions can range from Youtube to programs that require fullscreen to Porn. A very forgivable act.
E-Cheater: Sorry I hate to E-Cheat on you, but this video was sooo funny!
E-Cheat Victim: It's ok, I have been masturbating the entire time.
by XxEBearxX November 16, 2010
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When the significant other or spouse has felt slighted by their significant other or spouse when they give and receive messages and or comments from their myspace friends whom are of the opposite sex and continue a "relationship" by communicating and receiving messages and comments on their pages from the "other person" .
"Warren e-cheated on me with that pagan girl that lives in spain" "how do you know this" "she's been sending comments on his myspace page and he keeps sending her comments to hers" "Well, that doesn't mean he cheated on you" "No, he's still here in America but his heart is in Spain with that hussy" "Sounds like an e-cheater to me"
by greywolfblackdragon April 12, 2009
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