E-Block, similar to D-Block, is a place where people of lesser intelligence roam around frollick in the flowers. The people of E-Block are dumb yet rather friendly. They will welcome you with open arms and take u to color and make pizza. They will also play Halo 3 with one player and just roam a map shooting in the air, the inhabitants of E-Block get vast amounts of pleasure and satisfaction out of this act. The people of E-Block show their loyalty to E-Block by running around screaming HAH HAH EEEEE-BLOCK!!
You fuckin tard go back to E-Block where you belong.
by SpicyMcTuna:) August 31, 2009
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nounUsed to describe particular section in a prison or county jail.
Inmate 1 - "Yo, I heard JD was back in"

Inmate 2 - "Yeah he's down in E Block"
by Deenar September 19, 2006
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A street in Shitty Sharon, Pa. Government named '5th Avenue', but renamed thanks to the constant grouping of over-hype white boys in the middle of the street drinking, fighting, and embarassing themselves. Found almost directly behind Sheetz.
If you're bored, walked down the E Block, you're guaranteed to seem some type of unnecesary drama.
by 1Yentirb July 30, 2004
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When one blocks a friend on a chat room

Other ways of writing include:
E Block - dont do it
by MyWorld July 5, 2007
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v. to prevent ones friend from engaging in sexual activities by use of electronic means ie. facebook, myspace, AIM, YIM, Email, MSN
Random guy :"Broseph, what the shit. Why did you post that shit on facebook, you're totally e-cock blocking"

Javier "Yo man i totally just played tonsil hockey with this chick"

Dustin "haha dude im so gunna post that shit on facebook"

Javier "dude you are such a douche for e-cock blocking me"
by No you do February 24, 2009
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