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Electronic beef. A disagreement or problem between two or more people over the Internet. Likely to be used when one person is too cowardly to let the other person know of their dislike in real life so needs to resort to anonymous abuse.
Her of no name: I don't like Sarah (made up name, of course!) as she annoys me.

Trace, Big Dave, Teggerz etc: Who are you? Sarahs my friend. I like her.

Her of no name: I have a great dislike for her and I will not let you no who I am as I am a coward etc.

(All names used were made-up and if any are simliar/exact to other e-beef, well, what a coincidence!)
by Busta Jesus February 07, 2005
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Beef with someone over the internet
yo dawg, u gots e-beef wit dat cat or sumpin
by Snow September 08, 2004
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The use of the term 'beef'(to start a fight, to get into argument with another person, or group of people). However beef amongst people on the internet, an argument with someone on a forum would be 'ebeef'.
'look at the ebeef on this site'
by Jessexica March 08, 2006
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