An Illegal company that uses Sub Bots and is wanted throughout the world (hopefully). Initially sold pirated Bollywood songs (hopefully they are still doing it.)
If you search the word "gay" on a dictionary, you will see a picture of E Series. Always.
by Son_Of_A_YEET! October 15, 2019
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The Ford E-Series (also known as the Ford Econoline or Ford Club Wagon) is a range of full-size vans manufactured and marketed by the Ford Motor Company. Introduced for model year 1961 to current as the replacement for the Ford F-Series panel van, the E-Series line is currently in its fourth generation.

Now for the real definition

This vehicle has its many uses from
Plumber's Utility van,kidnapping(not that I condone that) , living in a van down by the river and homeless ,
Best colors for this vehicle are black,

Dark blue,light blue ,white ,dark red

,purple And the rarely seen brown .

Some don't windows and some do
It's just that these vehicles don't really draw much attention and have
They practicality and uses , they may

Be prone to breaking down.

Perfect vehicle to live in if you end up
Living out of a vehicle .

Also see the similar ford Transit

And stealth parking .
Ford E- series makes a great homeless on wheels transient wagon
Or kidnapping vehicle, one could also

Convert it into a utility van and stealth parking.
by Blu_leef November 2, 2022
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A Line of High-Performance Eggrobos. The most notable being E-100 ZERO -The main antagonist of Amy's Story in Sonic Adventure, E-102 Gamma - An E-100 robot with a very bittersweet and touching story that'll make you cry, and E-123 Omega, A notable member of Team Dark. Alongside Rouge and Shadow.
E-100 Series? They just pulled that idea from the Terminator series. Classic Sega - Sega Fan
by MDawg1491 June 28, 2023
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