Stealth parking - is when you park in a place not necessarily meant for overnight parking. This can be on a city street, residential area or a marina parking lot or you might have
Time to kill or just scoping out the


Usually, sleeping in a vehicle on city streets is illegal . That’s why it’s important to be discreet and learn about stealth parking / camping best practices.

You may end up living in a van or a car for a variety of reasons: you want to explore, you got laid-off and can’t afford rent, or you’re trying to save money

You want your stealth camper van to look like a regular old van, not a van someone’s living in. Think a van an electrician or a plumber would use.

Old conversion vans like
Chevy Astro ,ford E-Series, Ford transit ,Toyota Prius,Subaru Outback

Some places to include are

Hotel Parking Lots,Marinas,Apartment Buildings with Unassigned Parking,Industrial Parks,Big box stores,truck stops.


It's best to invest in window Tint your windows or install curtains,
Keep the inside of your ride immaculately clean when stealth camping,
Change Locations Frequently,Keep Your Lights Low, beware of drug addicts, security guards,cops,Karen's, neighborhood watch ,thieves, burglars .

Also known as stealth camping
Stealth parking may seem kinda shady and strange

One tip we’ve heard and use often is that it’s important to change your location frequently when stealth camping. The main goal is not to draw too much attention to yourself.

For example, you don’t want to be on the same residential street every night. This might tip off neighbors who keep seeing a random van pull in late and leave early and don't have a loud muffler or lack thereof one.

Again, arrive as late as you can and leave early, preferably before people leave for work.
by Blu_leef November 2, 2022
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