A person who has never been the same after taking a high dose of MDMA.
Fat boy and Jer have been e-tards ever since sloan made the big molly gel caps.
by Ali J December 21, 2004
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One who is still caught in the clutches of a constant state of MDMA use whenever they attend any type of nite club, dance or electronic event. Can be spotted easliy huddled in corners with others, grinding teeth, giving all their cash to the bartender, talking not just to much, but saying to much and spreading false love to people they hardly know. Plural = E-Tards
The Nick Warren show would have been great if the E-Tards had not had it on lock down the whole nite.
by electro soundwave October 21, 2003
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A kid, or an adult, normally over 13 that goes to raves and takes the drug ecstacy every single time. You can normally find them drooling over light shows and smelling Vick's vapor rub.
Boy: That girl is such an e-tard.
by c3m3t3ry February 25, 2006
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A person who believes they are proficient in the use of technology and the internet, but in reality know only enough to present a danger to themselves and to others.
He said he knew how to program CGI. "Isn't that just like HTML but with more graphics?" What an e-tard!
by Melaketh October 7, 2003
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Someone that has done way to many drugs (specifically Ecstasy) and is sketched out and weird. Probably normal, social drug user before they started doing X every weekend until they needed 4 pills to roll and their minds turned to mush.

Usually former drug dealers, or current ones, they continue to do hardcore drugs because of how desensitized they have become to all kinds of drugs. Always buying drugs, they have no money to do anything but sit around like a zombie.

Usually aren't active at all. Never go outside and do fun stuff but just sit in their basements strung out on drugs. Feel bad for the E-tard because their life is a downward spiral.
Yeah Kenny was pretty cool until he started doing mad drugs. Poor fool is so e-tarded he can barely interact with people socially.
by Dr. Hunter S. Thompson July 17, 2010
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A person (particularly one at a rave) who takes extasy to the point of retardation (or so it seems).
"Havin fun at this rave?"
"I would be if it weren't for those e-tards constantly running into me!"
by squipple November 10, 2002
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A person who consumes large quantities of extasy on a regular basis and usually demonstrates a high level of stupidity from doing so.
Foreman-"5+5?....its 11 man...damn your an E-tard now eh"
Damien- "Oh seriously?....damn man i must be hit still."
by ETC_luv November 29, 2005
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