when you are driving around on empty and the gauge is sitting on the E
Man with gas prices this days i have to be E riding all the time
by infiernoboy1 June 25, 2011
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Adjective. Used to describe something that's over the top in terms of excitement; an exhilarating experience.
Origin: Archaic, dating back to the '50s. From Disneyland's old system of ticket-books. The A-D Tickets were for the okay rides. An E-Ticket was your ticket to the best rides, E-rides, ie. the Matterhorn, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc.
Jeez!!! Driving home with Jacob after the party was an E-ride.
by paul page July 10, 2005
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a Spectacular sexual partner.
Derived from the old payment system at Disneyland where the e-ticket rids were the fastest, most expensive and most fun.
"you are really dating Tom again tonight?"
"Yeah, Tom is one E Ticket Ride. Absolutely worth the price of admission."
by Dr. Mellow February 26, 2010
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