A disease that teen males between 14 to 19 can contract by meeting a girl online. When infected the victim will have their penis chopped off by the e girl.
Immunity is League of Legends and or Runescape with cow genocide
Man his e girl syndrome got his PP cut off
by PepsiGromp August 26, 2019
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Only playing Girls in online games, pretending to be a Girl everywhere (even if you are one), picking your main Characters mainly based on genders opposed to abilities etc.
"Look at this dude, he only plays Girl Characters!" - "Maybe that person is a girl?" - "Doesnt matter, if you only play females you have E-Girl Syndrome "
by Voltex November 17, 2018
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Literally just a fancy name for depression except it affects gamers.
Man I should stop gaming. I'm pretty sure I'll get E-girl Quackity syndrome eventually.
by D.d.dento April 20, 2019
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Another word for depression.
Usually used for a loner that is also a gamer.
(Insert symptoms of depression here.)
Person: Aw damn, I'm in a really dark place right now...
E-girl Quackity: O shit you're just suffering from E-girl Quackity syndrome, my dude.
Person: Oh, okay.
by E-girl Quackity April 25, 2019
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