E is a name given or chosen to someone who has very strong belief on what is or is not right. They often find themselves trying to find peaceful protests near them that support thing they believe in. Es also are prone to denying that they are good at anything. Many E's are fans of Girl In Red, Dodie, MCR, Cavetown, Melanie Martenez,Thomas Sanders, musical theater and many more. Es come in all shapes, sizes and genders including Non-binary, Gender Fluid, Demigirl/Demiboy male, female and many more. Es also commonly support or are a part of the LGBTQ+ community either by being on the transgender or non-binary spectrum, by being on the aro/ace spectrum or by having a sexuality other than straight (heterosexual). Es often find themselves in groups of friends that are apart of that community, are musical theater geeks or are very unique in the best way possible. Es often need hugs from friends and love to call and text them long through the night. Es are very determined people who don't like to give up. Es can spend hours scrolling through urban dictionary reading or writing definitions. Also enjoys singing karaoke
person a: "whos that over there singing about a squid?"
person b:"squip not squid and thats E,"
person c:"i heard they went to a protest last saturday,"
person a:"wow they seam kinda weird but in a good way you know?"
person b:"absolutly."
E (name) for the urban dictionary bot that says i havent mentiond thw word in here
by E_the_enby June 7, 2020
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A name that someone uses online that is not their real name.
Person1: Hey person 2, why do you have such a weird E-name?
Person2: What is weird about having the E-name "MomMilker_XoXo"?
by Zerf33389 October 6, 2023
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The creation of a recognizable internet pseudonym.
Luiniliel is determined to make a total e-name for herself/himself.
by Luiniliel October 15, 2008
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