If you're in class or in an important, quiet room then your stomach pulls it's special move known as the dying whale, your stomach starts moaning in a way that can only be described as a dying whales last moans.

It causes embarrassment as it only happens in inconvenient times.
So, always make sure you have plenty to eat or your stomach might go dying whale on you.
Whilst I was in class, my stomach tried to pull a dying whale on me, I was leftmortified and humiliated as I felt my inner dying whale let it's voice be heard.
by DyingWhale January 17, 2015
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Noun: An occurrence when a rather slow and bulky person tries to dive but rather falls heavily on the ground.
Dude, that Asif definitely pulled a dying whale.
by Me December 25, 2003
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My way of saying “I don’t really know, but I don’t want to let you know about not knowing so I said something random”
normal person: What do you want from me?
Me: dying whale
by Pie In Box September 11, 2018
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When one is so overcome with emotion that he or she makes a noise akin to a whale getting stabbed through with a hot poker and dragged several miles by a racing speedboat before getting forcibly beached onto a remote island where the beach has sharp, pointy rocks instead of sand.

Alternatively defined as: Regular whale noises amplified in a sobbing manner by an emotionally compromised human being.
Your favorite character in that show you've been watching for five years dies at the end.
Your celebrity crush bumps into you in a coffeeshop AND ACTUALLY CARESSES YOUR ARM and smiles at you and everything.
by DGMerls February 6, 2013
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