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Dyani is an amazing, wonderful girl, who always knows how to put a smile on your face, can always bring you up when you're feeling down or depressed about something, she is so amazing, if you ever meet a Dyani, try to hold onto her, she is an amazing person, fun to be with, very chill, amazingly hot, pretty, any girl a guy would be lucky to be with, or be able to call his own, she is funny, wild, she knows how to make you laugh, she is always a fun girl to be around, she normally is not normal, she has her own style and look, colorful hair, a sweet smile, a girl most men can see themselves spending the rest of there life with, funny when she wants to be, and really knows how to take a joke.
dude have you met my friend Dyani? she is amazing, you have to meet her, you'll love her
by angelbullet April 20, 2013
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Meaning of "Dyani"
Native American name

In Native American, the name Dyani means - Deer.. Other origins for the name Dyani include - Native American, American.The name Dyani is most often used as a girl name or female name.

Native American Name Meaning - Deer.
Origin - Native American
by Perfection1327 December 18, 2016
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means: beautiful girl. Dyani is usually asian; but not to be confused for only asians. Most Dyani's are mixed. Dyani, is a very relaxed chill girl, who doesnt speak much at first which only attracts the male species more; but once she opens up to a person, she will rock your world!
"dude you see that hot girl Dyani over there?"

"yea shes smokin"

"Yea I heard that once you get to know her she can be really wild!"
by vivalavivian23 April 15, 2010
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The realist girl you can meet. She is someone who can keep it real with you and give you advice when you need it but also someone who is able to understand what you go through. She is very unique in her own way. She easily puts a smile on everyone’s face with her laugh. She is the type of person who you can hurt many times but she still find a place in her heart to forgive you. She is beautiful and most likely a badass. She’s not the type to tell people her business or someone who easily shares their feelings. But once you get to know her you’ll understand how much of a beautiful soul she has. She is very observant and pays attention to her surroundings. She’ll notice little things but won’t say nothing. She is someone you wouldn’t want to lose.
That girl over there named Dyanis is a keeper so don’t lose her.
by 1738urbandictionary May 22, 2018
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