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A baller ass individual who is completely groovetastic and mellow. He will get you higher that a kite, and is also known to be a sexy man beat always on the prowl. But be forewarned as he will choke a bitch if necessary.
"Damn... don't mess with him... he's Dyami."


"Who's that guy all the girls are talking to?"

"Him... yeah... he's Dyami"
by Bobbyjakob February 03, 2010
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Dyami is a shy guy he is always smiling and making jokes. He always try's to get you in trouble but like not in a bad way. He loves to have fun and always plays jokes on his friends. If you ever meet a Dyami you should say hi. He is very handsome and he is usually black. He is really smart and usually has cute curly hair
Girl 1: Hey there's Dyami

Girl 2: he's so hot

Girl 1: he's going to be mine some day

Girl 2: you wish
by Sup my parents May 19, 2018
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She is so nice and will do anything for you she is always there for you and always makes your day better
Oh did you talk to the new girl

She is super nice she must be a dyami
by SKRIMPS February 10, 2018
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