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When two or more people are engaging in anal sex within a sauna, after the giver has ejaculated in the rectum of the receiver, the receiver proceeds to push out the semen onto the hot sauna rocks where it will sizzle and steam creating an aromatic smoke that the sauna occupants can enjoy.

This act is called a Dwayne Johnson for it refers to The Rock’s, Dwayne Johnson’s famous wrestling persona, most popular saying: “do you smell what the rock is cooking”.
My girlfriend and I were having really hot anal in my dad’s sauna but right after I finished, she Dwayne Johnsoned the sauna and the smoke made me throw up all over the place.
by Kronkypoo November 24, 2010
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An extremely large bowel movement, or verb describing the production of said bowel movement. Named as a metaphor for the quality of Dwayne Johnson's (aka "The Rock") acting performance.
as a noun: "Holy crap, who left that giant Dwayne Johnson in my toilet it, it's gonna clog it up".
as a verb "Oh man, you seriously did not just Dwayne Johnson all over my shirt."
by sempr549 February 22, 2010
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An over-rated piece of shit who can't seem to change his character and usually appears in movies that are 95% CGI and 5% ruining your favorite childhood movies by making a sequel to it.
Some faggot: Did you hear about the new 'Home Alone' movie?
Me: No. Its sounds cool though.
Same Faggot: Dwayne Johnsons is going to be in it.
by Jwayne Dohnson March 07, 2018
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