South African zef term for someone or something that is lame, stupid, retarded, or just generally sucky to the max. Can be used as both a noun and an adjective.
You fokken dwankie.

The world has gone totally dwankie.

That was dwankie, this was dwankie, he's dwankie/ a dwankie, etc...
by tokoloshe February 16, 2012
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A hybrid species crossed between a downie and a wanker. Always a poes and ruins the fun, completely stupid and has no common sense.
"Let's go take cocain with the professor...
" No, I'm scared to take it. "
" It's only drugs..., don't be a Dwankie"

In other words when someone is being a chode that's kinda like being a midget dwankie
by Kwashi October 7, 2019
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a way of saying awesome or thats cool (e.g) holy shit thats so dwankies
Tom: Holy Shit That Is So Dwankies
by DickButtPooFase February 15, 2019
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