A party to which all the guests bring their own drinks and snacks, for example when the party host is short on cash. The name is derived from the presumed Dutch stinginess, since it's cheap to host.
My b-day is Saturday but I'm short on dough so I'm gonna throw a Dutch party.
by MusTheBunneh! September 20, 2009
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A term used by Americans to describe a party where each guest brings some snack and drink themselves, rather than the host providing them. This type of party is very uncommon to actual Dutch people, who call it an "Amerikaans feest" or "American party".

A truly Dutch party involves congratulating all the other guests with the birthday of the host, and sitting in a circle talking to other guests who you may only know trough the host, whilst eating cake or pie provided by the host (home made traditional Dutch apple pie: appeltaart, which origin predates the existence of the US, is especially common). Dutch parties are very gezellig.
Henk: "Hey, I'm throwing a Dutch party and you're invited!"
John: "Thanks, so I should bring some food and drinks, right?"
Henk: "No, that's an American party, I'll be making appeltaart for everyone! Don't forget to congratulate all the other guests when you arrive, though."
by Bright and Nerdy August 05, 2020
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An assembly of teenage boys who sit together in a circle and jerk off each other.
Hey bro, wanna join our dutch Party tonight?
by SirWonchi September 29, 2017
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