(1)Lighting a cigarette by placing it against a lit one. If you don't have matches or a lighter. Chain smokers are prone to do this.

(2) Banging a chick who just lays there.
He forgot his lighter and needed a light from his buddy who was already enjoying a cigarette. His buddy was out of matches. "got a light?"
"Here, Dutch fuck..."
I think it comes from the belief that Dutch people are without passion when they make love. "No fire."
by Froggygremlin June 28, 2013
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The act of slotting ones manhood in between a pair cheasticles, and having the owner of them massage your Sausage accordingly. The end result of this most pleasurable activity can often be the giving of a pearl necklace to the young lady as a reward for her good work.
"Oh, mate. The misses was not in the mood for a shag last night, so she still gave me a good dutch fucking instead!"
by chucklemunch September 25, 2006
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to light a cigarette from the ember of anothers' cigarette.
I lost my lighter, give me a dutch fuck, would you.
by stanko korov November 16, 2007
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Intercourse between the breasts, often to climax aka French Fuck, Tit Job, Titty Fuck
She was having her period so I got a dutch fuck off her instead
by Spinxmeister March 22, 2006
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Adjective used to describe something extremely positive (1) or negative (2).
1. This food is sooo fucking dutch, I'm nutting.

2. That fucking dutch cunt just threw a damn bread stick at me!
by itsjacksond00d December 18, 2009
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A Dutch and fuck is when a lame dude from Tinder/Bumble doesn’t have a job but still asks a chick out on a date then splits the check (“going Dutch”) because he’s broke and even after he has the chick pay he still tries to close the deal by asking to go back her place (presumably because he lives with his parents).
That date went terribly wrong, he left the check on the table until I offered to split it, then still asked if my roommates were home. He tried to pull a total Dutch and fuck.
by SL44 December 20, 2017
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