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Lifting the sheets or blankets with your leg while lying in bed after filling with hot gases, and quickly dropping them to create a blast of air at the end where ones head would be. (Also See: Dutch Oven)
After eating Taco Bell I Dutch Cannoned my wife and now she's divorcing me.
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by jeffspace2002 January 04, 2018
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An ordinary air cannon with the ammunition of human farts. This proves to be a very effective projectile stink weapon.
Dr. Prater: Heads up, kids!

Brandon: Oh what the fuck is that smell?!

Dr. Prater: HAHA taste ma dutch cannon BITCH!
by Xxn0sc0p3zxX October 27, 2010
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The best clan warrer you can have on your team, known for his epic spears and his seksie tanking.
Guy: OMG did you see Dutch cannon tank out 17 brews, he even got speared 12 times! Girl: Omg hes so sxcy, i wish he would respond to my love mail!
by Thebeasttanks January 30, 2010
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