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A sexual act in which the woman goes in search of an old homeless man's penis. Once found she then uses intensely strong mustard and inserts the man's genitals into a hotdog bun.
The homeless man will feel a burning sensation and then the woman will pour flour onto the "hotdog" making it resemble a dusty surface.
The woman will then give the man oral and mix the ejaculate he produces with the mustard and flour.
"What are your hobbies?"

"Oh not much really haha i like to cook especially hotdogs, everyone loves a bit of dusty mustard"
by Singing Richard December 18, 2014
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Is the substance that exits a girls anus when she flatulates after someone urinated inside of her colon.
Heather just shot dusty mustard in Brandon’s face after he pissed in her butt. Those two are strange.
by Pamplemousse789 November 16, 2017
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