A group of hispanics, Usually mexicans.
Bill: Oh shit, It's Juan and his friends!
Rob: Damn, put on your mask! It's a dust storm!
by Totally Politically Correct April 15, 2015
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when going down on a person, they fart directly into your face.
She stopped and left my apartment immediately after the dust storm kicked up.
by Jasestick November 08, 2011
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the act of putting nesquik powder on your asshole, and farting into your significant others face while they go down on you
Rome totally experienced his first Wisconsin dust storm, and surprisingly like it.
by Romelio October 27, 2019
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Farting so badly that you stink up the entire double wide, often times creating a light brown haze that makes it challenging to see across the room. Most commonly happens in Oklahoma.
Damn Chad - you created a doublewide dust storm in here. No more chili dogs for you!
by The mad shatter December 03, 2018
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Whenever you take a dump into someone's dryer before they load it, right before they turn it on, or during the beginning of the drying (RECOMMENDED). Kind of the opposite of the French Cyclone.
Man 1: Dude, when Sam was drying his clothes, I dropped him a Kansas Dust Storm into his dryer and started it. He's going to be so mad :D

Man 2: Dude, that's so pimpin' bruh!

Man 1: I know!
by legiocaesaris December 30, 2011
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Sprinkle cocaine on a strippers asshole the put your face in front of her asshole and your friend punches her in the stomach making her fart the cocaine into your face.
Dude Frank and I fucked this hooker last night and we did the Russian dust storm on her!!!
by Captaincatshit April 19, 2021
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The act of licking your thumb and dipping it into cocaine and shoving your thumb up a female's ass right as they're about to shit
My boyfriend wanted to try something new so he decided to do a Columbian Dust Storm after getting an 8 ball of yola
by BallbusterMcgee93 June 30, 2021
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