Adjective (used with object) 1. The act of thinking, being, or behaving as one would if they were a Derr Herr. 2. To emit or come up with new words to describe a new situation or person.

Origin of Derr Herr: Thought to have originated in Middle English to describe a Herder (one who herds cattle or sheep), more recently found to have come directly out of Haven-ology. Haven-ology is a new form of language that uses syllables with vowels and consonants to create new words to describe a before unknown situation or person. Haven-ologists (one speaks or understands Haven-ology) are few, and most are considered to be a Derr Herr themselves.
by ACCA_AWESOME May 16, 2015
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"Hurr durr" is the sound of laughter coming from someone with half a brain.
Mostly it is used to point out when someone has made an idiotic claim, though, surprisingly, idiot males will attempt to make thier laugh as deep as possible to make them sound more manly, when all it really does is make them sound like idiots.
"Hurr durr, 2 plus 5 is 6"
by L33t_Masta June 20, 2008
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an onomatopoeia used to briefly summarize what stupid people sound like when trying to be clever or witty.
Mike's counterargument is nothing but hurr durr.
by A Cup of Shirt March 28, 2021
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the signal that someone has done something stupid and knew such, pissed someone off by doing it, and is used to intimidate the other pissed guy
Johnny: Damn, you can't even say anything without sounding retarded.
Me: hurr durr try me coward
by Aeronix March 27, 2018
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An onomatopoeia for thunder in some New Guinean language
*hurr durr*
Quick,get to the tree top house!It's gonna rain
by kontoculai March 9, 2019
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Coming from the word "harder" , it is the sound that women in pleasure make when they want to more. When you hear this, it is a sign that they are in genuine pleasure, otherwise you will just hear "harder" (when they are faking it).
by TROLLER69 November 19, 2010
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Hurr durr is a dutch battle call. It comes from 'harder' and means 'faster'.
That beat is not hard enough. We want it to go hurr durrr!
by BlackendWhiteSheep May 4, 2010
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