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(adj.) a word used to describe anything awesome, rad, ballin, hot, or sexxy; anything that makes you smile

Derived from the name of the chillest man i know, Ryan Dunleavy. Mad boss.

Dude, that five year old just said he loved titties... that's so Dunleavy.

T-Money is way Dunleavy, look at him feelin up all them womens.
by EmiLLio E-town May 27, 2008
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A default name used for the white NBA player, past or present, who's name you can never remember.
Guy1: Dude remember when Shaq threw that punch that barely missed?

Guy2: Oh yeah who was that he almost killed?

Guy1: Fuck if I know, but he was some Dunleavy type of player.
by Ben Yaass Dover August 04, 2018
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