A piece of shit car, or less commonly a general piece of machinery that is in poor condition and has similarly poor performance.
Person 1: Why is Franks car so god damn slow? And whats with all the smoke??

Person 2: I dunno. I dunno why he even drives that car, it is such a dunger.
by Ando the Rando March 6, 2018
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Refer to penis, a slang term for the male reproductive organs. Used by the Stooges in their quest for glory.
Pull up yo pants man, yo dunger is hanging all over the place.

I flopped my dunger on his shoulder and he freaked out.
by Butters October 19, 2004
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Name given to an overwrought and depressing singing style favoured by shitty neo-grunge bands. Used by the AV Club's music reviewer Nathan Rabin, but credited to his former editor, Stephen Thompson.
Hey, did you hear the new Nickelback album?

Fuck, no way, I'm not into that Hunger Dunger Dang shit.
by Vlad Kroeger October 22, 2010
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the act of tonguing fuck out of someones arse crevice (unshaven) either before of after one has been for a ringpiece poo painted doup destroying brown number whilst using your stubbly chin to tickle ones bean, back and fourth like a man on a mission.. making you out to be some kind of mega mad mental mechanical man machine!!


girl - "where tho?.. Ive got a gungy doup and you need a shave"

guy - "AND!!!!"

Bum stubble Dunger tonguer gungy or clean bean machine
by ShadeMade aka G-Funk December 24, 2011
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An absolute fucking unit that has the ability to blow up any country at will.
Person 2: the fuck is a bunshen dunger
by bunshen dunger February 3, 2022
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A item used to remove or dislodge, dung/poo residue that has clung or adhered to a toilet bowl. Other wise know as a toilet brush.
Grab the Clung Dunger and clean that mess off the toilet bowl.
by Schrapers December 20, 2021
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From Australia. A blowfly that hangs around outback toilets.
Bloody hell .. I was having a crap and almost got eaten alive by the dunger birds
by Molinius February 1, 2018
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