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When you listen to Dubstep while taking a shit.
I was at school and heard Dubstep coming from the stall, the kid was taking a shit. that day Dumpstep was created.
by Trever or Evan. September 25, 2011
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When your child soils their sneakers so thoroughly in dog dump. Not to be confused with dubstep, which is the audible equivalent.
"Heedless to my warnings, June achieved a massive dumpstep in the yard of her playmate."

"Unbeknownst to Taylor, the dump step he had incurred near the swingset had become ingrained in the carpet of the Subaru."
by Jesse Bees September 05, 2012
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The act of listening to dubstep on the toilet to increase and rhythm of excretion.
Tim: "Hey Robby, what took you so long in the bathroom"
Robbie: "Sorry, I got kind of into my Dumpstep"
Tim: "What the fuck?"
Robbie: "I said Dumpstep"
Charlie: "Yeah"
by TomatoShoup October 23, 2011
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