Dumbocracy: noun: a democracy with stupid voters.

"Only in a true dumbocracy could (insert name here) have been re-elected."
by Stupid117 January 13, 2009
Dumbocracy dumb-mok-ruh-see
Function: noun
Inflected Form: plural -cies

1. A form of self-government consisting of intelligent citizens who believe they live in a democracy, holding free elections, yet consistently unwilling to support the leadership resulting from said elections, regardless of political affiliation.

2. A form of dysfunctionalocracy, the family of self-government methodologies characterized by a largely apathetic constituency. Not to be confused with a stupocracy where a society is mysteriously incapable of producing intelligent leaders.
Usage: The good citizens of this country are transforming their young nation into the most powerful dumbocracy in the modern world.
by Fname Mi Lname June 17, 2010
When a communist government takes the lead from a democratic government, industry by industry; job by job.
Dumbocracy is when a communist government with ownership and control of manufacturing equipment, cheap labor, and currency devaluation determine world leadership.

Leadership defined as control not dominance.
by CARBIDE TV November 3, 2012
Government of the dumb, for the dumb, by the dumb.
Person: How the hell did George W Bush get elected US President twice?

Person 2: Well, that's what you sometimes get in a dumbocracy.
by Ozymoron October 2, 2009