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A person who goes above and beyond normal stupidity by being rude about it. Also someone who is incorrect or wrong so blatantly and yet refuses to give in to reason and or the facts.
The dumbasshole insisted that he could defuse the bomb even though he was never trained to disarm explosives.

The dumbasshole mispelled the word and refused to believe their mistake even after I showed them the correct spelling in the dictionary
by The Ferndog August 08, 2008
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This is a noun that describes a person who is not only dumb, but also rude in their actions. It is a combination of dumbass and asshole used to save time after explanation a frustrating event.
OMFG, that guy just cut me off so he could stop in front of me at a GREEN light! What a total dumbasshole.
by Geor9e August 16, 2007
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Someone who thinks that they are getting one over you even though you know exactly what is going on.
Look at that dumbasshole how stupid does he/she really think I am? They Must be dumber than I first thought.
by UneedAmbien April 14, 2010
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The user MaltLiquor on the IGN boards.
Man, did you hear about MaltLiquor? What and asshole!
by Conker-Crazed12 July 27, 2004
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