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There are Faggots and then there are DUMB FAGGOTS that get off on being humiliated for posting extremely dumb stuff on the internet not realizing it is on the Web forever ...
Check out this Dumb Faggot that made a custom url to google humilating pictures of himself (
by toggaFPoster September 13, 2017
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A dumb/retarded person, who isn't necessarily gay -- used when you can't think of a better insult than "faggot".
God, did you see Tony's new shirt? He thinks he's so hardcore, what a dumb faggot.
by Noah999 November 01, 2007
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The term Dumb Faggot is usually used once you have killed your opponent in a 1v1 situation on a game mode named creative found on the game that is Fortnite. This is used because it makes the people playing piss themselves because it sounds like the rudest word you could say to someone.
Boy 1: *Dies due to a shotgun to the head

Boy 2: Dumb Faggot

Boy 1 & 2: Hahahahahahahahahaah
by Inboundbaker June 16, 2019
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