A Dum-Dum is that stuffed animal that you always will keep with you until you die because you are a grown man that still lives in his parents basement that has nothing else to do in their life.
John- Yo Bob why do you still have that stuffed animal from when you where a kid, your like 36 years old?

Bob- Oh that, that's just the Dum-Dum I still have because I have nothing to do in my life accept eat Oreos and play video games in my parents basement. Why?

John- I don't know, just asking.
by xLEGOxBEASTx June 01, 2020
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A name used for people who did something so stupid that the word idiot is to sophisticated
He knocked her up and gave her his job instead of a ring. He is such a dum-dum.
by DutchBlondieNotStupid October 29, 2020
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A dumdum is a very dumb person, but not to the point of being stupid. They are lightly dumb. It can also be used as a nicer way to call someone dumb. Not to be confused with the sucker.
Chase: fruity means a twink right?
Kara: no you dumdum
by fathersyrup July 01, 2020
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Something to call someone back when they call you bub
Person 1: Hey bub.
Person 2: Hey dumdum
by Xxolk April 22, 2019
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