that which has been done clumsily or inadequately.
James, I'm very disappointed. You really dugaled that presentation.
by Theodore J S October 21, 2016
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He is clearly a Dugal
by studmuffin77 February 21, 2011
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Intelligent, beautiful, spiritual, athletic. All around a splendid being, but is a tad crazy.
Damn, I wish I was a Dugall, but since I'm not I will make sure I am not an enemy.
by Coolbrezz July 19, 2011
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worst teacher, annoying as hell, will not hesitate to fail you, looks stoned all the time.
"I guess the test I gave is unfair, but I will still count it."- Mr. Dugal
by leubert December 19, 2018
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Another term for marijuana. Commonly used in southern states.
I just bought a good dub of dugalou.

I havent had any dugalou allday.

Where can I get some good dugalou?
by Tequilla August 9, 2006
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