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To transform into a modern day Dude.

Related words: Dude, Dudification, Dudified, Dudifiable.

Today's Dude is becoming more self aware, caring for his body and mind in new and better ways in a rapidly changing world. To help him manage this transformation, he buys products that best suit his emerging self โ€“ products that extract, define, and shape his modern masculinity. These products handle the Dude's need for simple and convenient ways to handle new challenges, from how he dresses to the skincare products he uses. Today's Dude is not bound by set stereotypes from past generations - he's all about creating his own path.

As a man Dudifies, we say that he is becoming increasingly Dudified.
Jason is having all kinds of problems meeting new girls. If he would only Dudify himself with his personal grooming and dress, he would attract lots of attention he wants. Girls want to hang out with Dudes who know how to take care of themselves.
by Dude Specialist November 03, 2010
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